Can Debt Collectors Visit Your Home?

Debt issues arise as a result of numerous circumstances and consumer debts are some of the most common. Maybe you fell behind on paying off one account as you were focused on fixing another, or went on vacation and forgot to schedule an automatic withdrawal. Your missed payment may even be the result of something as simple as forgetting to update your payment information on a particular account when you switched cards.

No matter what caused your debt issues, debt collectors will waste no time informing you about your missed payment. Some entities send emails or text messages to notify the consumer of the debt, but others take it a bit further. Some service providers and collection agencies are known for visiting the homes of debtors to make them aware of lingering debt issues. Such actions are prohibited by federal law and can result in your creditors paying you.

When Debt Collectors Make Home Visits

Consumers have reported numerous instances when they’ve been greeted by notices left by service providers requesting payment and even threatening them to take action. One debtor recalls coming home to a door hanger left by a service provider stating that police will get involved if they do not make a payment. Another person had a notice pinned to their gate regarding missed payments for the neighborhood to see. Such practices are not only invasive, but they are a violation of your rights as a debtor.

Your Rights as a Debtor

Many consumers allow creditors to perform illegal debt collection tactics without ever knowing it. The best way to hold them responsible for their unlawful actions is to be aware of the laws in place that they must abide by. The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) protect you from:

  • Being threatened into debt repayment.
  • Receiving multiple contact attempts daily, weekly, and monthly for payment.
  • Having friends or relatives contacted about your debt.
  • Receiving calls from automated dialing systems
  • … and many other harassing debt collection tactics

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