Class Action Lawsuits Agrees to $28 Million Settlement for TCPA Violations

A $28 million settlement agreement in a class action lawsuit against security services company offers an important warning to marketing companies that regularly contact consumers. This settlement is a result of allegations brought against the company for violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) in December of 2015 by use of an autodialer to…

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Western Union to Pay $8.5 Million in TCPA Settlement

Western Union, the renowned named in global money transfers, will be transferring money from its very own coffers to cover a nearly $8.5 million Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) settlement. The settlement comes after the plaintiff, Jason Douglas, originally filed for damages against the company after he received an unsolicited text message asking for periodic…

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Campus Debt Solutions Settles TCPA Case

In a victory for victims of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), Education Financial Solutions will have to pay out over $1.1 million in a settlement that alleges the firm used autodialers to contact consumers without their consent.  Using the name Campus Debt Solutions, LLC., Education Financial Solutions used an autodialer to contact users about…

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CEO of Medication Solutions Sued for TCPA Violations

An Illinois federal court held a corporate officer liable for millions of dollars in damages under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). This case exemplifies the personal liability corporate executives face when violating the TCPA. Physicians Healthsource, Inc. vs. A-S Medication Solutions LLC In 2012, the plaintiff, Physicians Healthsource, Inc. (PHI), filed a suit against…

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Florida Man Hits Discover with TCPA Lawsuit

Unwanted phone calls and text messages are the top complaints reported to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) by consumers. According to the FCC, they received over 215,000 complaints under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) in 2014. The TCPA protects consumers from unwanted solicitations from companies that send robocalls. These types of calls use an…

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How Do Class Action Lawsuits Work?

Maybe you bought a phone that gave you trouble or a car that didn’t drive well. You’re considering filing a lawsuit against the seller, manufacturer, or other related party. If a large number of people are having the same trouble you are, it’s possible to file a joint complaint or “class action lawsuit.” Class action…

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Cubamax Class Action Suit Travel Texts Violate TCPA

A Florida resident has sued a travel company that arranges trips to Cuba after receiving repeated text messages on his phone without his consent. Cubamax Travel, Inc., is accused of violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) by sending unsolicited text messages to the plaintiff in the case, Stephane Poirier. En Masse Texting The plaintiff…

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Tampa Bay Rays Face TCPA Lawsuit for Unwanted Text Messages

For the second time, local MLB team the Tampa Bay Rays is facing a lawsuit for sending unsolicited text messages. The team is being sued under the Telephone Protection Consumer Act (TCPA), which protects consumers from unwanted phone calls, text messages and faxes. The suit alleges that the team sent out the unwanted messages to…

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Jenny Craig to Pay $3 Million in TCPA Settlement

More than 600,000 Florida residents who received unwanted text offers from weight loss company Jenny Craig will partake in a $3 million class action settlement. Lead plaintiff Zoey Bloom began receiving a number of unwanted text messages from Jenny Craig on May 17, 2014. Bloom never gave the company consent to contact her, so she…

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$4.3 Million Settlement in JPMorgan Chase Bank FDCPA Case

JPMorgan Chase bank and Dallas-based debt collector Real Time Resolutions collaboratively agreed to settle a class action case for $4.3 million. This settlement will compensate and reimburse thousands of individuals who were on the receiving end of allegedly misleading debt collection efforts from both entities. Carmen Terry is the lead plaintiff in the case and…

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