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Flippin' a Bird to Discrimination

On Tuesday, December 22, 2020, The Law Offices of Jibrael S. Hindi and the Florida Fair Housing Alliance with the loving support of volunteers within the community of the inner-city of Fort Lauderdale handed out over 300 frozen turkeys to those less fortunate families during the first annual "Flippin' a Bird to Discrimination" charitable event. Jibrael Hindi also had the opportunity to speak with countless individuals about housing discrimination in South Florida and explained to them their rights and legal ways to fight back against landlord discrimination such as the illegal refusal to accept Section 8 Housing Vouchers and the illegal denial of housing due to alleged criminal backgrounds. These two barriers have served as a pretext for landlords to deny minorities into their housing communities. Jibrael also spoke with Florida Representative Michael Gottlieb (who was present at the event) about these issues and they both plan to present state legislation to change the landscape of housing opportunities to minorities throughout the state of Florida.

Over the past 12 months, through the efforts of the Florida Fair Housing Alliance, over 500 apartment communities in south Florida have been forced to change their discriminatory policies and allow minorities an equal playing field in their choice of housing in South Florida.


Jibrael grew up in a very low-income household as a child. His parents did the best they could with their very limited school-grade education to provide as much joy and happiness into the household.  Jibrael has made it a life mission to give back whenever and wherever he can especially to the powerless and less fortunate. Not only does his law practice reflect this principle representing mostly indigent individuals, but also outside of the office where he takes part or leads charitable causes on a regular basis.



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