If you are in serious credit card debt in South Florida, you are not alone. South Florida has the 4th highest amount of credit card debt in the country, particularly the Broward and Miami-Dade metro areas. The average consumer in Miami takes 14 months and $350 of interest to pay off his credit card debt if he puts aside 15% of his income toward credit card payments, as is advised by most credit counselors. The root of the problem lies in low wages and high cost of living in our region.

Will I Be Sued for My Credit Card Debt?

The first situation in which you may be sued directly by your credit card company is if you break the terms of the contract. Obtaining a credit card requires your agreement to understand the terms and conditions of using the credit card. This agreement outlines your rights and responsibilities as a credit card holder, as well as the rights and responsibilities of the credit card issuer. Everything is detailed in this document, including how the rates and fees work and a card member agreement which states that you will be making timely payments.

If your debt goes unpaid long enough, your credit card company will do their best to minimize their losses by selling your debt to a collections agency before they try to sue you. When this happens, legal ownership of your debt is transferred from the credit card company to the debt collector. The debt itself may be bought and resold several times before it reaches a debt collection attorney, who may then sue you in state court if you fail to settle your debt. This is where it is important to have a credit card debt attorney on your side.

Our firm has been tremendously successful at helping our clients who have been sued for credit card debt.  In most cases we can get the lawsuit completely dismissed.  In fact, we can usually also turn around and sue the the party that originally sued you for violations under federal statutes such as the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act.  In sum, by contacting our firm, there is a possibility that we can completely turn the tables on the company that is suing you and make them PAY YOU!

At Jibrael Law we understand the deceiving practices used by credit card companies and collection agencies to take more than you owe. If you are facing a lawsuit over credit card debt, call 1-844-JIBRAEL for aggressive legal representation.

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