Should I File a Lawsuit for a Debit or Credit Card Transaction?

An improperly programmed register can easily print your sensitive information on the receipt, exposing you and thousands of others to fraud. This has happened to many Americans and continues to be an issue which is why Congress implemented the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA). The provisions outlined in this document serve as a safeguard for consumers against businesses who are not careful with their customers credit or debit card information.

FACTA was enacted by Congress in 2003, during a time when identity theft was a growing issue in America. FACTA provisions state that businesses are not allowed to display more than the last 5 digits of a debit or credit on an electronically printed receipt, an action referred to as truncation. They are also disallowed from printing your debit or credit card’s expiration date. These violations are only in reference to electronically printed receipts but there are specific provisions for businesses that still use the mechanically imprinted or handwritten method.

Why You Should File A Debit or Credit Card Lawsuit

What makes it most beneficial for the afflicted consumer to file a FACTA lawsuit are the provisions for statutory damages. Consumers have the legal freedom to seek statutory damages of up to $1000 per willful violation.

A plaintiff can still seek actual damages if he or she would like to have access to more than the statutory damage amount, but appellate courts have upheld that plaintiffs do not need to prove actual harm to bring forth a FACTA debit or credit card lawsuit. The courts have insisted that any electronically printed receipt that does not comply with FACTA serves as grounds for a lawsuit.

These damages can add up tremendously as electronically printed receipts come from programmed registers. Depending on when the register was programmed, there could be hundreds – even thousands – of printed receipts in direct violation of FACTA. Any FACTA class action suit brought against a business exposes that business to having all of their receipts audited. This can lead to compensation for any consumer that has had their sensitive information printed by this merchant.

Any business that prints your sensitive information is exposing you to the nightmare that is identity theft. All of your hard-earned money can be gone in an instant as your credit score plummets. Take the necessary action to hold these business responsible for their actions. Seek the counsel of a team of Florida FACTA attorneys at the Law Offices of JIbrael S. Hindi if your sensitive debit card information has been printed by a business. You can receive up to $1000 in damages per FACTA violation. Let Jibrael fight for you! Contact us today at (844)-JIBRAEL for a free consultation. Jibrael does not collect a penny until you get paid!