Florida Man Fined $120 Million for Placing Robocalls

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) concluded its year-long investigation into Adrian Abramovich with the issuance of a $120 million fine for placing nearly 100 million robocalls. The calls offered vacation packages and timeshares disguised as being from prominent hospitality and travel companies.

TripAdvisor initially filed a complaint to the FCC in 2016 after they began receiving complaints from consumers who accused the company of placing multiple robocalls to their phones. After conducting an internal investigation, they discovered that Abramovich, a Miami resident, was behind the hoax. The FCC looked into the matter further and found that Abramovich was also masking his operations behind company names like Marriott International Inc., Hilton Inc., and Expedia Group Inc.

A year later, the FCC formally alleged Abramovich, operating under the name Marking Strategy Leaders, of making 96,758,223 robocalls over a three-month span in 2016. The calls would start with a recording instructing the recipient to “Press 1” to hear vacation deals from one of the aforementioned companies. From there, the call would be transferred to an unknown Mexican call center. The call center in question allegedly compensated Abramovich for the inbound traffic.

Ajit Pai, FCC Chairman, claimed that the scheme was “particularly abhorrent” as it disrupted the use of a network, Spōk, used by first responders to receive hospital alerts. Pai continued to say “By overloading this paging network, Abramovich could have delayed vital medical care, making the difference between a patient’s life and death.”

Sobering Robocall Statistics

The number of robocalls made has been surging since their inception as a direct result of the ease of access and affordability of the equipment needed. Adrian Abramovich and Marketing Strategy Leaders are the manifestations of the growing issue of robocalls in America and statistics show that there may be many more Adrians out there.

American consumers receive roughly 2.5 million robocalls a month resulting in over 200,000 annual complaints to the FCC. Robocall blocking and tracking company, YouMail, recorded a record high total of 3.4 billion robocalls in April alone. Such statistics continue to push the FCC to do more about robocalls, but in the meanwhile, consumers continue to receive an influx of robocalls at an alarming rate. Putting an end to these calls is a goal of every consumer, but discovering a mean of doing so is proving to be extremely difficult.

Stopping Robocalls

While ending robocalls may be seemingly impossible, there is a way that you can recover compensation for receiving one. Telemarketing robocalls are illegal under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), and the Florida TCPA lawyers at The Law Offices of Jibrael S. Hindi are here to help you recover the compensation you’re entitled to by law.

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