As modern communication technology advances, so too does the harassment by unlawful debt collectors. Although many debt collectors do their best to abide by today’s consumer protection laws, too many take advantage of technology to engage in unlawful conduct such as violations of privacy. In fact, the majority of complaints filed to the Federal Trade Center involve debt collectors year after year.

Despite the FTC’s enforcement of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA), many consumers are being victimized by greedy collectors doing anything and everything in their power to collect on debt. Their malicious intentions have the ability to not only ruin a person’s quality of life, they can dig a debtor deeper into debt. Many unsuspecting consumers end up paying for debts they were not aware of because they didn’t even have them!

If you are being targeted by disruptive, deceptive, or abusive debt collectors, there are rules and rights you should know about as noted in the FDCPA. The following are common violations of the FDCPA. If you experience any of these, take note of where the calls are coming from, who is calling, and contact a Fort Lauderdale FDCPA lawyer at The Law Offices of Jibrael S. Hindi.


Calling too early in the morning, before 8 AM; or too late at night, after 9 PM, or at any time the collector has been notified is a bad time to call

-Using profane language in an attempt to collect on a debt -Telling family, friends, coworkers, employers, or other parties about your debt -Exaggerating the amount of the debt -Failing to reveal his or her identity when calling about the debt -Suing you for a time-barred debt -Using threatening language to attempt to sway you into paying a debt -Threatening physical violence or arrest -Contacting you through an automatic dialing system without your consent -Leaving you pre-recorded voice messages without your consent

The use of coercive and persistent behavior to collect debt has not stopped since buying debt became big business which is why the FDCPA, created in 1978, still stands. If you suspect that your privacy is being invaded by debt collectors and you are being harassed, pick up the phone and call 1-844-JIBRAEL to speak with a team of attorneys who specialize in consumer law in Fort Lauderdale. You stand to claim damages under the FDCPA if certain conditions are met. Put an end to the harassment and get paid!