Honda Finance TCPA Lawsuit

A class action lawsuit was filed against American Honda Finance in California for the alleged violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). This act protects consumers from receiving unsolicited phone calls which can come in the form of a robocall or recorded audio message. Michelle Adame is one of the people who received these phone calls and has filed the claim on the behalf of all the individuals nationwide who also received the phone calls over the last four years.

Adame explained that the phone calls began June 2014 and continued through August 2016. The alleged calls were in reference to a debt owed on her father’s vehicle. She asserts that her privacy was violated as her contact information was not listed on the loan application her father completed. Adame is seeking damages in the amount of $500 per TCPA violation for herself and all other class members.

TCPA Restrictions

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act safeguards consumers from being harassed by robocalls. A robocall is call made with auto dialing technology to notify debtors of their debts. These calls are forbidden by the TCPA and are only allowed with written consent. In many occasions, these calls are made multiple times a day to your home or personal phone by an auto dialing system (ATDS). Further violations of the TCPA include:

  • Dialing a number in search of a third party
  • Calling residential phone lines
  • Not identifying themselves during a call
  • Calling consumers who have withdrawn consent

Collection agencies and banks commonly violate these restrictions in an effort to bully consumers into paying their debts. Through the use of robocalls and other unauthorized forms of contact, many agencies will not stop until they receive the amount owed. In this particular case, Honda Finance continued to contact Adame and others using robocalls to collect a debt. For Adame, the debt was her father’s, making it a direct violation of TCPA for calling her in search of another individual. If it can be shown that the TCPA has been violated, you may be entitled to $500 to $1500 per call or text message.

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