Insurance Companies: The Next Source of TCPA Violations

If you are like the majority of Americans in 2018, an overwhelming amount of your shopping has gone digital. Whether you’re searching for a last minute birthday gift or ready to upgrade your car, there is a great chance that before you ever step foot into a store, you will pick up your device and browse the internet. This is nothing to be ashamed of as the benefits of doing so are eminent; however, you must be cognizant of the potential dangers of shopping online, especially for insurance.

While a handful of people still look to local agents to satisfy their home, auto, and life insurance needs, most people get their rates digitally. Insurance companies recognized this trend and upped their digital marketing efforts. Before you click that hyperlink for a “free insurance quote in seconds,” beware of how it may entrap you in a pool of unwanted telemarketing calls.

The World of Digital Insurance Marketing

A 2016 U.S. insurance shopping study conducted by J.D. Power found that around 74% of all people shopping for insurance request quotes online. Twenty-five percent of that total makes their purchase online while 50% of insurance shoppers are referred to an agent to complete the process. Shopping around for quotes is not unusual, which is why many insurance companies make it a priority to do whatever necessary to stay on the radar of prospective consumers. A standard way of doing so is by contracting with aggregate websites to acquire sales leads.

Such sites are entirely legal, but when the marketing strategy involves making calls or sending texts to consumers’ cell phones, the insurance company is subjected to Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) restrictions. These include but are not limited to:

  • Sending cell phone text messages via the internet
  • Using an ATDS to text cell phones
  • Calling your cellphone with an ATDS
  • Calling residential phone lines
  • Using an ATDS to leave pre-recorded messages
  • Calling those listed on the Do Not Call Registry

How to End Unwanted Insurer Calls

Many people who get caught in the “free quote” trap are now receiving unrelenting calls and text messages from insurance companies pitching their rates. Take the following steps if you wish to put an end to those calls today:

  • Register your cell phone number to the Do Not Call Registry
  • Keep a record of all contact attempt details as well as the company responsible for them
  • Speak with a local TCPA lawyer to discuss your legal options

An experienced Florida TCPA attorney with The Law Offices of Jibrael S. Hindi can analyze the details of your case and pursue legal action. We can help you secure $500-$1500 per TCPA violation if there are any signs of foul play. Put an end to the harassing phone calls today! Contact us at (844)-JIBRAEL for a free case evaluation. You don’t pay a dime until Jibrael wins for you!