If you are tired of receiving countless telemarketing calls with bogus offers and cheap attempts at stealing your personal information, you are not alone. Millions of telemarketing calls are placed per year, and a grand majority of them are deceptive spam calls or robocalls that attempt to get consumers to give up their personal information.

The National Do Not Call Registry provides American consumers with an opportunity to reduce the number of telemarketing phone calls they receive. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission began the registry in June of 2003. It is a free resource that is available to anyone who wishes to limit the number of sales calls he or she receives.

How does it work?

The Do Not Call Registry is perfect for residential landlines to which unsolicited calls are placed. Regulations by the Federal Communications Commission prohibit telemarketers from calling cell phone numbers.

To be on the National Do Not Call Registry, you must first register your phone number by visiting or calling 1-888-382-1222 from the phone with the number you want to register. When you register online, you receive a confirmation email with a link that is active for 72 hours to complete the registration.

When will I stop receiving calls?

The Do Not Call Registry prevents most unsolicited calls, but there are exceptions. You may still receive calls from the following organizations:

  • Political organizations
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Companies conducting surveys
  • Bill or debt collectors*
  • Companies can call you up to 31 days after you have registered your phone number

If you own a business, that landline is not eligible to be placed on the Do Not Call Registry. Otherwise, 31 days after your number has been placed on the list, you should stop receiving unsolicited sales calls. It only takes a day after registration for your number to show up on the list.

*Debt collection agencies are allowed to call the numbers listed on the Do Not Call Registry, however as a consumer you are protected by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act from harassment.

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