Real Time Resolutions Settles TCPA Case for $1.3 Million

In the spring of 2017, Real Time Resolutions settled a class action lawsuit for alleged Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) violations for $1.3 million. The suit alleged that they violated the TCPA by placing robocalls or calls using an automated telephone dialing system (ATDS) to numerous consumers’ cell phones without their expressed written consent. All individuals who received such calls from the institution between Aug. 30, 2009, and April 10, 2017, are eligible to claim their portion of the settlement.

Michelle Lee Tannlund was the plaintiff in the case. She claimed that she received multiple communication attempts from Real Time Resolutions in regards to an unpaid debt. Per the class action lawsuit, the institution placed these calls using an ATDS or prerecorded voice. Tannlund expresses that she never gave Real Time Resolutions consent to place such calls to her cell phone, thus making the calls in violation of the TCPA.

Real Time Resolutions denies all claims of using an ATDS or artificial voice to place calls to the plaintiff’s or any other consumers’ cell phones without their consent; however, they decided to settle the matter out of court to avoid possibly lengthy and costly litigation. The settlement total of $1.3 million is available to all consumers who did not give their express written consent to the defendant and received the automated calls within the specified period to their cell phones.

TCPA Violations

Many debt collectors, creditors, and lenders use an ATDS to contact consumers. The system is convenient as it allows companies to send out numerous calls simultaneously without having to have humans working the phone lines. A robocall in and of itself is not illegal. It only becomes a TCPA violation when they are sent out without the consent of the consumer. A few other common TCPA violations include:

  • Calling those listed on the Do Not Call Registry
  • Calling residential phone lines
  • Using an ATDS to leave pre-recorded messages
  • Using an ATDS to text cell phones

These are just a handful of the many TCPA restrictions out there that debt collectors and telemarketers violate regularly. Rather than allow these institutions to continue to violate your rights, you should acquire a lawyer who can bring them to justice!

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