In life, there are few things as detestable as a stream of unwanted phone calls, especially when they revolve around your debt. Calls placed in the middle of the night, at your job, to friends or family members or calls to you several times a day are considered as harassment under the law. If you are receiving abusive phone calls from someone who claims to be a debt collector, it’s important to know your rights and contact a lawyer that has experience suing debt collectors.


Debt collection harassment is a serious offense against which you, as a consumer, have legal protections. Many people are not aware of this and go through this hard time in their life enduring the phone calls, worried about what can come next. The intention of harassment by debt collectors is to bully and scare consumers into paying their debts. It is an unethical way to conduct collection, which is why the Federal Trade Commission enacted the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act in 1977 to protect consumers and law-abiding debt collectors alike. Under the FDCPA, personal, family, and household debts are protected. Your typical credit card, mortgage, and medical debts all fall under this umbrella. The original borrower of the debt and the borrower’s spouse or significant other, or parent (if the borrower is legally underage) are considered consumers. Debt collectors make a living from collecting your debt, but they are not allowed to use deceptive or threatening methods to do it. If you have been harassed in any way by a debt collector, you are entitled to up to $1000.00 in statutory damages and actual damages.

What Constitutes Harassment?

Intimidation, coercion, abuse, and all forms of bullying by calling at inconvenient times, trying to hide their identities, trying to sue you, exaggerating the amount of money you owe, claiming to be attorneys, threatening you with jail time are all forms of harassment against which you are legally protected. If you feel a collector has done any of these things, it is time to partner with a knowledgeable attorney who specializes in consumer law. Contact The Law Offices of Jibrael S. Hindi at 1-(844)-JIBRAEL if you have experienced any of the following:

-Calls before 8 in the morning or after 9 in the evening

-Two or more calls in a 24-hour period or 5 or more calls in a week

-Calls regarding your debt by unknown callers

-Calls at work about your debt

-Obscene language or threats of bodily harm to you and/ or your family

-Threats of jail time and acts of violence

-Threats of an improper lawsuit

-Attempts to charge you a “convenience fee” when making payments toward your debt

-Calls from people claiming to be attorneys

-Calls inflating the amount of debt you owe

-Getting mailed documents that resemble that of lawyers and the courts

If you believe a debt collection agency has violated any of the above terms, you must speak with a headstrong debt collection attorney. These are violations of your rights as a consumer. Jibrael S. Hindi and his team are ready to take your case. Call 1-844-JIBRAEL today for a free evaluation. You don’t pay until Jibrael and his team win the case.

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