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The TCPA & How You Can Recover Under Robocalls

The TCPA is the FCC’s response to over 150,000 complaints each month by consumers that they are being harassed by predatory robocalls. A robocall is an automated phone call that is made with autodialing technology. This special computer software dials numbers automatically and requires no human intervention to place phone calls. The TCPA forbids these types of calls without express written consent.

If you are being called several times a day or week by the same entity, whether it is a debt collection agency or any company for that matter , regardless of whether you pick up the phone or not, it is highly likely that call was made using an autodialing system (ATDS). This type of call is illegal under the TCPA if you have not given permission to the entity reaching you. It is also illegal for robocalls to reach your cell phone without your consent, even if the solicitation is sent via text message. You are entitled to $500-$1500 per call or text message.

Our firm has recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for victims of these annoying, abusive and invasive calls. It is not uncommon for our clients to recover over $10,000 on a standard TCPA case.

Solicitors like banks and collection agencies frequently commit these TCPA violations:

  • Using an ATDS to call, leave prerecorded messages, and text cell phones.
  • Failing to properly identify themselves over the phone. Companies placing robocalls are required to disclose their identity to the recipient of the phone call.
  • Calling residential phone lines. This applies to solicitations from telemarketers who do not have “an established business relationship” with the person they are calling.
  • Calling consumers listed on the Do Not Call Registry. This is strictly prohibited by the TCPA. Consumers can place their residential and cell phone numbers on this list.
  • Calling consumers who have withdrawn consent to receive these calls.
  • Calling a phone number looking for another person.

Knowing your rights is the very first step in protecting your privacy against these entities. If you have been contacted by any company without your consent or you have revoked your consent by telling them to stop calling you, there is a chance that you could receive between $500 and $1500 per call. Speak with a knowledgeable Ft.Lauderdale TCPA lawyer today to put an end to the harassment and go after the compensation you deserve. Call (844)-JIBRAEL or contact us online today for a free legal consultation. When you work with Attorney Jibrael S. Hindi of The Law Offices of Jibrael S. Hindi you do not pay a dime until YOU get paid first.