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Jibrael is great! He helped me by disputing some collections I had that were affecting my credit for years, not only did he manage to get rid of my collections, but he did not charge me a dime, on the contrary I got money back from his disputes. I was mind blown. He's also really nice, and his staff. Great business. He definitely knows what he's doing. I would definitely recommend.



Mr. Hindi is at the top of his profession. As someone who works with attorneys day in and day out, I found Mr. Hindi to be the best of the best. His professionalism and skills are unmatched. He was communicative and transparent throughout my entire experience with him as a client. Not only was a joy to work with, but he won settlements in numerous cases he filed on my behalf, losing my expectations out of the water.

Mr. Hindi was always generous with his time, taking care to explain the process and make sure I understood and spent time explaining anything that I didn't fully understand.

I highly and wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Hindi to others and refer as many people as I can to him.

Nicholas Guasto


This guy is very very very good at what he does. Let me rephrase that. He is the best at what he does. I reached out to him after seeing his ad in regards to the illegal emails sent after the times that were against the law deemed by Florida consumer laws regarding companies trying to collect a debt. He told me he can get me $1000. He ended up getting me $5000! It came as such the right time as times I'm sure are not just hard on me with everything thing you can think of going up in price. He communicated well, answered all of my questions in a reasonable time. Rather quickly always to say the least. At the end he helped me get 5x the guaranteed amount. Also, his secretary is very nice and polite as well. This guy is the best lawyer around at he what he does. I can't stress that enough. Thank you Mr. Hindi for taking my case and getting me incredible results in such a fast amount of time. The turnaround for my case was just over 2 months. Perfect timing indeed.

tyler trainer


Jibrael is the top in his field. Very knowledgeable no nonsense very experienced in this field. I had some issues on my credit report that were not my doing Jibrael investigated these issues and sued the credit bureaus on my behalf and we won the battle. He even made sure they paid me for this and deleted any erroneous reporting on my credit report. I recommend using him he is my number one person for any issues involving credit. Whatever you do if you have any reporting that is not yours please do yourself a favor and do not use any of these credit repair places that claim to remove it from your report not worth the time or money spent on them go to Jibrael a real lawyer. You will not be disappointed!!!

wally ramos


Once Jibrael started my case, the process was efficient, effective and his ability to negotiate on my behalf successful and the outcome beyond my expectations. I thought I'd be paid the fines owed me, but he was able to negotiate the entire debt cancelled. He clearly is an expert in this area of law. I highly recommend him and his team.

Shawn Zierke


I'm Olny Sylvain and Jibrael and his amazing team did an excellent job helping me win a class case settlement which took just over a year, and still helping me with other cases as well. Very responsive, helpful, and gets straight to the point to help me and all of his clients. A+ for your work and time to help us. You're the man! I will always continue work with you and I'd highly recommend Jibrael and his team to anyone. Thank you so much I greatly appreciate it.

Mr. O.S.


Hindi helped me while a bitcoin moving company wouldn't stop texting my number. He was extremely informative, efficient, and helped score me a thousand dollars with absolutely no cost out of my pocket. Not one cent. I am also trying to start a business, of which I'm short nothing other than cash. So a quick thousand to invest in it helped me greatly. Required almost no effort on my part. Highly recommend if a company/business won't stop spamming you.

Dean Gullberry


Attorney Jibrael and his Team have been amazing thus far in handling my case. As you can imagine, dealing with these issues can be overwhelming at times, Jibrael's partner attorney Tracey reached out to me via text message, after our first call together, updating me, and was extremely kind at all times, she was informative, and most importantly respectful. Although she had just learned of me and my case, her actions sent me the message that she cared about my rights and handling the matter as quickly as possible. Tracey not only periodically communicated, but communicated frequently regarding my case and what the next step would be. If she would not get back to me for 5 or 6 days for example, she messaged that to me that I should hear from her next week or after she spoke with so and so. This was extremely reassuring during a time when you feel as if you don't know if justice will ever be served. I would recommend this Attorney Jibrael and would say to Trust the Process as they put things together to represent you and resolve your case.

Will Gilliard


Completely Exceptional !!! I wish I have more stars to review Lawyer Jibrael Hindi. Since I contacted him, he has been in touch with me to let me know how my process is going, he replies all my answers, and he does it right away. Great communication, great customer services, quick replies, great knowledge, I honestly have nothing but good things to say about him!

I would say to other people that they should hire Lawyer Hindi with closed eyes if they need this kind of legal assistance. Do not look anywhere else. He is definitely the greatest!!!

Mariela Gerardo


Jibrael did great job on my case. He knew exactly what to do and I felt very comfortable with his process. He was able to find an error in a creditors letter which he then was able to get the debt waived and his fees paid by the creditor at no cost to me. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a serious attorney who knows what he's doing. Thank you once again Mr. Hindi!

Marco Fernandez


Jibrael is very professional and thorough. He knew exactly what to do and I felt extremely comfortable trusting his process. The outcome was great and I got the exact results I needed. I would recommend him to anyone who needs legal services!

I am beyond impressed with his work ethic and dedication, he made me and my spouse feel as we were his only clients. We felt extremely comfortable trusting his process. The outcome was great and we got the exact results we needed.

I highly recommend and will use again if needed.
Thank you so much Mr. Hindi!

Edgar Santana


When I first contacted the firm I didn't know what to expect. I live in a city where there is always a catch to something. This is not the case with Mr Hindi. He reached out, I sent him information and he went straight to work. Now I have things being disputed on my credit report which shows how quick the firm goes to bat for you.

We will await results now. However, everything he said has been done accordingly to how he said. I appreciate that. Highly recommended! A+

jovan figueroa


Jibrael S. Hindi is currently representing me as 12/2/21. Jibrael has been working on several cases for me over the last 6 to 7 months. What I appreciate most is his work ethic, professionalism and extreme attention to detail. Jibrael does not make assumptions about anything. Jibrael will text call email and ask questions for clarification and has been keeping me informed of the proceedings in a timely manner. I sing his praises to anyone who inquires about his services. Jibrael displays great character and intellect. Thank you Jibrael for all you have done and may you continue to be the successful attorney you were indeed created to be.



I was having some issues with inaccuracies in my credit report and Mr. Hindi and his team did great work on my case. He is very professional and knew exactly what to do due to his several years of experience.
Within months he was able to resolve my issues. He was quick and I couldn't ask for a better outcome.
I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs assistance with legal matters.

Carolina Tabai Pinese


Jibrael Hindi is a miracle worker! Incredibly professional, responsive and clear in how the whole process works. Most people are not aware of their rights when it comes to credit and collections and Mr. Hindi is a plethora of information. In exactly 30 days, (which I thought would take far longer), he worked his magic and got a significant amount of money in past debts removed from my name. He is a gift! He took what could have been a very stressful situation and gave me complete peace of mind in both results and professionalism. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for solid representation.

Virginia Avedisian


I was referred to Mr. Jibrael from a great credit repair service here in Florida that I was using. As soon as I was put into contact with him, everything just clicked. I was in contact with him the same day and told him about one of my collections accounts. He recognized what needed to be done instantly, made recommendations and drew up the paper work. Tonight (a few months later) I was contacted and informed that the case we filed was ready for settlement. Results- the debt eliminated, also erased from credit report. No fees were assessed as the company paid legal fees. Very classy and the best experience that I have had working with a lawyer. Highly recommend! This guy knows what he is doing. Mr. Jibrael proved that my time and energy spent in giving him a try was well worth it! Very grateful! Thanks!

Mark Combs


Jibrael Hindi did an awesome job with my mother and myself. I have zero complaints with his service. He will call his clients personally and discuss the best options for us. He responds quickly and gets the job done. He was able to get accounts deleted and even got money back for us. I highly recommend him to everyone. You will not be disappointed. Thank you very much Jibrael and your associates!!



I'm Highly satisfied with Jibrael Hindi! My experience was amazing! Very professional. I was educated on what to expect and the likely outcome. Which he achieved! I would highly recommend Jibrael Hindi to anybody who is in need for an attorney. I'm very pleased with his service. He was always available to respond to any questions that I needed or assistant in any way he could. Please don't hesitate to use him, He was amazing! Most definitely will be using him in the future

Laurie Lutter


What can I Say, Mr. Jibrael I wish all attorneys were like you promising, getting things done, you do not play. Fast settled Fast Paced. You said you could help me and you did. Thank You for all you do this definitely the field for you Sir. I WILL BE REFERRING MARINES, CO WORKERS, FAMILY FRIENDS, AND FOR ANYONE REVIEWING MR. HINDI IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, SIR AGAIN AMAZING DOING BUSINESS WITH YOU AND YOUR FIRM THANK YOU JASMINE TOWNSON

Jasmine Sabet


Mr. Hindi, has been extremely professional, effective, and efficient. He was able to find an error in a creditors letter which he then was able to get the $28,000 (twenty-eight thousand) dollar debt waived and his fees paid by the creditor at no cost to me. His diligence has been extremely impactful for me. I am extremely grateful to him and his office. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a serious attorney who knows what he's doing. This literally was in a matter of months to settle. Thank you so much Mr. Hindi!

Michele Cintron


Mr. Hindi is top-notch! He is one of the best attorneys I ever worked with. He is extremely intelligent, passionate, empathetic, kind, caring, and helpful. I just can't say enough good about him. He helped me get annoying text messages stopped and obtained compensation for me. He is first class all the way, and I highly recommend him! I was very blessed to have him represent me.

Maureen Nicholson


I honestly didn't believe that I would have been able to waive my semester tuition debt. It was a looming issue for me that I couldn't stop thinking about. A family member referred me to Jibrael and within a month, I received the news that my school debt was cleared. Joy doesn't even begin to describe the emotion I felt at that moment. It was a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders. Now I can comfortably go back to school and finish my masters. I am extremely grateful for this assistance and I will be referring everyone to Jibrael. Thank you again Jibrael for your swift, successful, and thorough work!!

Melissa Charles


I can't tell everyone enough amazing things about Jibrael Hindi, Esq. When I first found him on Instagram, I wasn't sure that he could help. He indeed could and did! I trust him, implicitly and am forever grateful for his diligence, tenacity and fine attention to detail. He's very down to earth but possesses a 'never say die' attitude. This is the guy you want on your side and in your corner! 🙂

Tanya Fallis


Jibrael Hindi is an incredible attorney! He took on my case, was direct, gave me scenarios of potential outcomes and delivered incredibly good service right from the beginning. He is extremely professional and made this whole experience stress-free and easy for me. He did all the work and delivered a wonderful outcome with winning my case and got me the best outcome that I would not even have imagined. I am extremely happy with his services and he will definitely be my go-to attorney when needed again. Thank you very much and much continued success!

Annie Bianc


Mr. Hindi is an attorney of integrity with a passion to help people. His work ethic and customer service skills are first class. He would communicate with me regarding my case in the evenings and weekends when necessary. His hard work has not gone unnoticed. I can finally go a week or two without having to delete my voicemails due to the collection agency's harassment. Thanks to him no more full voicemail box within 2r to 48 hours. THE COMMUNICATION IS THE BEST I HAVE EXPERIENCED SO FAR. I never spoke with an assistant or anyone else other than the attorney himself. He promised and he delivered! I know he will work just as hard on my close family and friends that I will be sending his way.

Thanks again Attorney Hindi!

VL Paralegal


Jibrael was excellent to work with! He helped me win my case against a debt collector that was sending me notifications in the mail and get me my money! He is an excellent lawyer very knowledgeable and effective at his job!!!! I highly recommend him if you are receiving letters from creditors in the mail! I didn't even know that they were doing anything illegal in the letters they were sending me until I talked to him!!!! Every time I get one in the mail I send it to him instantly!!!

Lisa Pulver


I contacted attorney Jibrael Hindi last week regarding an ongoing issue I am currently having with the development where I live and immediately Mr. Hindi responded to my calls and provided me with his legal advice and suggestions.

Mr. Hindi has been very professional and reliable. We have been in contact with each other every day regarding my case. Although we were not sure if we could take my case to court or what the outcome could be, Mr. Hindi has been providing me with assistance free of charge.

As a single mother of 2, not knowing what my next options would be your legal advice has helped me stay positive and the extra time and effort put forth on your behalf until the end is truly appreciated.

Mr. Hindi, I thank you very much for your persistency and all your help in getting the best possible results for me.

Happy Client,

MsNay Medastin


Four years after the fact, I received a bogus attempt to basically extort money from me from a past landlord. Jibrael Hindi was recommended to me as a recourse. I couldn't be happier! He worked tirelessly resolving this matter in my favor. All at no cost to me!
If you have a similar dilemma, don't trust anyone else to help you... This guy is the real deal.

Thank you Jibrael!!

Scott Hodgins


Just like everyone else I was super skeptical to hire Mr Jibrael. But I decided to give Jibrael law a shot especially since it wasn't going hurt my wallet as his service was completely free to me and if He won the case the amount of cash is literally a blessing or a gift because it wasn't even anticipated before . Jibrael Law may seem like it's taking awhile but understanding how law works he is actually really fast bringing my case to closed in less than 6 months.

You can trust that you are in Great Hands & Jibrael is here to protect your Lawful rights. Jibrael, told me what his plan was and he definitely saw it through. Thank you, I will definitely use you again in the future & I will personally recommend anyone to use your firm.

Candice Singh


Jibrael is an outstanding and passionate attorney. He is attentive, works diligently and clearly loves what he does. He has done a remarkable job on fighting large corporations in the multiple cases he has filed on my behalf. I have had the pleasure of working with him for close to two years and he constantly provides outstanding results. Jibrael S. Hindi embraces the toughest of challenges and will provide the best results. I highly recommend his services, if he takes your case, he will not disappoint.

Kay Doll


This office had settled a suit against citizens bank. They got me good results despite a mistake that I didn't think was relevant but it was major. However, Mr. Hindi had handled it incredibly well. He was very responsive despite me not being very on the ball with my responses. I'm very pleased with his work he did for me and will be going to this office about something else in the near future. Thank you very much Mr Hindi.

Bill Davis


Didn't think it was real but a month and a half later got this in the mail. A collections from a ridiculous rental company put me in collections because I didn't know about the bill! They had my address wrong even though they had a copy of my DL with my correct address. I saw him on IG and figured why not. Cool attorney Mr. Hindi was profession prompt and direct. Thanks the car company paid their own collection!

Logik Nreason


Bought a 2020 vehicle with super low mileage and a clean carfax presented to me by the dealership. Had issues with the vehicle from the beginning and nothing was covered under my factory warranty because the vehicle I was told had been in an accident! Contacted the Law Offices of Jibrael S. Hindi through a reference to see what my rights were and if it was possible to retrieve my out of pocket expenditures which were extensive. This review is to tell you that my issue got resolved quickly with the dealership and I'm very satisfied of my outcome working with Jibrael!

Don F


Mr. Hindi was extremely patient and attentive through everything. He took the time to not only explain the process but allowed me the time to ask any and all questions along the way, to insure I was comfortable and at ease with the whole process. Truly a pleasure to work with, and I felt assured, secured, and comfortable at all times. He even went to extra measures to insure additional counsel was brought in to insure my case was the strongest it could be. I would highly recommend his law offices and services.

Adriana Kaible


What can I say About Hindi, this is a very professional individual that will get you results fast. All I have to say is Thank You Librael! I'm grateful I had you helping me with case and I can't believe how you resolve over 12k of debt, it's a different story when you have someone with the knowledge you have working on my side,
Thank You!

Gus 1


Jibrael represented me in a TCPA case. He was very helpful, clear and concise in his explanations of the process and possible outcomes. As someone who hasn't dealt with this type of situation prior; he was able to help me feel comfortable throughout the process and confident in his representation. We were able to reach a favorable outcome and I'm very satisfied with his representation in my case. I would and have recommended him to friends and family.

Blake turizo


I was taken to court for debt after taking charge off according to the laws. At this time, I was not able to get credit even a mortgage during the time of the charge off. Being unawares of a judgment in the courts and being not present to defend myself, I was in default and was taken back to court in 2015 with which I had my first attempt to defend my rights. I was able to it seems to maybe have won since my court date was closed. Not until this 2016 when the same plaintiff reopened the case where I had enough and needed a lawyer like Mr Hindi to finally put this to bed in my favor. Mr Hindi is a take charge advocate and will do everything according to the law to protect your rights against predatory debt collectors. I was very pleased with my result of judgment set aside and my case dismissed. From the date of my first call with Mr Hindi on May 16th to signing an agreement for legal counsel 2 days later to a final court judgment in my favor on June 21st was fast beyond my expectation. Thank You Mr Hindi.

C Mand


I was completely distressed and completely in pieces from a harassment by a debt collector and Jibrael just walked in like an Angel resolving the debt in no time and I ultimately ended up paying nothing to the debt collectors. He is very prompt when it comes to responding and going through every detail. He didn't hesitate at all to take up the case. He is very knowledgeable and reliable. I would give him 5 stars, there is absolutely no doubt and I definitely recommend him.

Manali Shah


Law office is set up to help every person get there collection resolved.

I am super happy with work this office did for me and wave my $750 Bill that I didn't have to pay and gave me $1000 check for work they did for me. Win win situation.

Best, most responsible and quick office I have ever seen.

Super happy.



The Law Offices of Jibrael S. Hindi have been extremely aggressive and attentive in collecting a significant amount that was owed to my business. What I loved the most about their service, besides being aggressive, is the personal attention they give - as if they're dealing with a family member. When you work with Jibrael and his office you are working with family. Call them - you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I highly recommend Jibrael Hindi as an attorney.

Aziz Abdelaziz


I contacted Mr. Hindi through a strong recommendation by a family friend. Mr. Hindi was professional and resolved my situation expediently while keeping constant communication with me about what was going on.

I am extremely pleased with the outcome and highly recommend Mr. Hindi!



He changed my idea about lawyers. I've been having the worst luck in Florida with lawyers. That gentleman is raised home right before he became a lawyer. His service was above standard to the point he's worth every $ you will spend. He will be our family lawyer for sure. Highly recommend no doubt.

moe elghanam