Western Union to Pay $8.5 Million in TCPA Settlement

Western Union, the renowned named in global money transfers, will be transferring money from its very own coffers to cover a nearly $8.5 million Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) settlement. The settlement comes after the plaintiff, Jason Douglas, originally filed for damages against the company after he received an unsolicited text message asking for periodic automated texts.

In addition to himself, Douglas believes thousands of other users potentially received the same unwarranted and unsolicited text message. In the details of the lawsuit, it states that Douglas had never originally consented to receiving a text message in the first place. While the original message ironically asks for consent, the message itself was sent in violation of the TCPA.

According to the legislation, unsolicited text messages are considered a violation of the law.

What is the TCPA?

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) is a piece of federal legislation that protects consumers violated by companies in regards to telemarketing services.

Violations can include those similar to the actions allegedly committed by Western Union, such as spam text messages or unsolicited texts. Violations cover more than just text messages. Robocalls, autodialers, and calling consumers who are members of the Do Not Call registry are all violations that can leave companies open to paying damages.

Negligent violations or unintentional violations typically cost companies around $500 per fine. Violations that are more serious examples of willful or intentional actions on the behalf of TCPA violations can be worth upwards of $1,500 per individual violation.

Details of Western Union Settlement

Although Western Union denies the violations levied against the firm, it agreed to payout the approximately $8.5 million settlement to prevent the suit from going on any longer. Among those in the class action suit, those included are members that received an unsolicited or unwanted text message from Western Union or firms on their behalf between March 12, 2010 and November 10, 2015.

Of that $8.5 million settlement, each individual class member will net about $250 per violation. The number of claimants can change just how precise each claim will be, however. Variations in the percentage of valid claims submitted can shift payout amounts Class Members receive from $140 to over $700.

Did You Receive a Spam Text From Western Union?

If you received a spam text from Western Union anytime between March 12, 2010 or November 10, 2015, you could be entitled to just compensation. Companies like Western Union frequently violate the TCPA in an attempt to prey on helpless consumers. Don’t let them get away with it. If you received a text message from Western Union, you could be entitled to damages anywhere between $140 and $740.

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