What are the Penalties for Violating the TCPA?

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) was enacted to protect consumers from unwanted telemarketing calls, text messages, and faxes. The law sets strict rules regarding consent, disclosure, and opt-out options for recipients. Despite these provisions, parties regularly violate the TCPA, and they face potentially costly penalties for doing so.

If you believe you have a TCPA case, holding parties accountable for violations of the law is not simple. You should never hesitate to seek the representation of an experienced consumer protection attorney.

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What Does the TCPA Prohibit?

The TCPA prohibits unsolicited telemarketing calls, text messages, and faxes without the consent of the recipient. Companies are required to obtain prior express written consent before contacting consumers for promotional purposes.

Additionally, the TCPA imposes strict disclosure requirements, requiring telemarketers to identify themselves and provide clear contact information for individuals to opt-out of future communications.

The TCPA also restricts the use of automated dialing systems and pre-recorded messages. Violating any of these provisions can result in significant penalties for the responsible party.

What if a Party Violates Your Rights Under the TCPA? What are Possible Penalties for Them?

If your rights under the TCPA have been violated, you have the right to seek legal recourse. The act provides for both statutory damages and actual damages.

Statutory damages may range from $500 to $1,500 per violation. Actual damages, on the other hand, encompass any financial losses or harm suffered because of the TCPA violation. The court has the discretion to determine the final number of damages based on the circumstances of the case. It is worth noting that multiple violations can quickly result in substantial penalties.

Apart from monetary damages, the TCPA also allows for injunctive relief. This means that a court can issue an order restraining the offending party from continuing the unlawful telemarketing practices. Injunctive relief can be a powerful tool in preventing further violations and protecting your rights under the TCPA.

Yes, as a consumer, you have the right to seek legal relief if your rights under the TCPA have been violated. It is important to consult with an experienced consumer protection attorney to assess the strength of your case and explore your legal options. Our knowledgeable attorney can handle the entire process, collect evidence, and represent your interests in court.

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